Friday 20 May 2022 - 15:40

Palestine FM: Israel Decision to Allow ‘Flag March’ Provocative, Aggressive

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Palestine FM: Israel Decision to Allow ‘Flag March’ Provocative, Aggressive
In a statement released on Thursday, the ministry said it considered the Israeli decision as provocative, aggressive, and an integral part of the open war against al-Quds, its citizens, and its sanctities.

This came after the Israeli right-wing groups and organizers of the so-called March of the Flags reached an agreement with the Israeli public security minister Omer Bar-Lev to let the show roll in the occupied holy city on May 29.

The decision threatens to drag the conflict towards more explosions, the statement said. 

The ministry said the decision would result in violations, provocations, crimes, and deliberate sabotage of efforts to calm the situation across the occupied territories.

"This decision proves once again that the occupying power has chosen to escalate its aggression against our people and resorts to violence as an alternative to calm and political solutions to the conflict," it added.

The ministry described Israel's attitude as the worst form of racism, hatred, and hostility to peace.

It also called on the international community to quickly intervene to stop the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

Elsewhere, the ministry demanded that the US administration, the main backer of the Israeli regime, stop its double standards and renounce unconditional support for Tel Aviv.

Hundreds of Israeli settlers regularly storm the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the occupied Old City of East al-Quds under the protection of the regime’s forces.

There has been recently a sheer escalation of atrocities by the Israeli regime against Palestinian worshipers at the al-Aqsa Mosque compound in the holy occupied city of al-Quds. Outraged by the barbarity, Palestinian resistance groups have intensified their operations throughout the occupied territories.