Tuesday 2 February 2021 - 12:42

Activists Chain Gates at ‘Israeli’ Arms Company’s UK Factory

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Activists Chain Gates at ‘Israeli’ Arms Company’s UK Factory
Activists from Palestine Action and Extinction Rebellion chained the gates of the Elbit Ferranti factory in Greater Manchester early Monday. Two protesters climbed onto a ledge in front of the building, daubing red paint over the windows and spraying the words “Shut Elbit Down.”

The two groups said their joint action was meant to show Elbit, the Zionist entity’s largest arms firm, that they will “continue to take direct action until we shut Elbit down and end all complicity in systematic injustice.”

Greater Manchester Police said officers were sent to the scene. Elbit Systems UK, which has 10 sites across the country, declined to comment.

Elbit recently won a contract with Britain’s Ministry of War to provide technology enabling frontline soldiers to detect and engage enemy targets in seconds.

After the deal was announced last month, military procurement minister Jeremy Quin said: “This contract with Elbit Systems UK not only delivers the very latest in battlefield technology to our frontline soldiers, but also invests in the British military industry, sustaining more than 500 jobs across the UK.”

The company employs over 500 people in the UK in high-tech and specialist manufacturing, and it also supplies a fleet of 38 aircraft to the UK military flying training school.