Tuesday 25 January 2022 - 20:54

Official Toll of Saada Prison Massacre: 91 Martyred, 236 Injured

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Official Toll of Saada Prison Massacre: 91 Martyred, 236 Injured
Al-Mutawakil explained that the heinous massacre on the detention center resulted in the martyrdom of 91 people and the injury of 236 others, who are currently in hospitals for treatment. The minister pointed out that the rescue operations had ended and the victims had been rescued.

The Yemeni official indicated that since the beginning of January and the recent wave of escalation, the Ministry of Health has recorded the martyrdom of 150 citizens and the injury of 350 others who received treatment in hospitals.

For his part, Secretary General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation [SCMCHA], Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, said that “this crime is a greater motive for the leadership to crush the criminals of the coalition of aggression”, pointing out that “the targeted prison was visited by various organizations and that prisons are prohibited by international law from being targeted”.

For his part, the governor of Saada governorate, Mohammad Jaber Awad, demanded the formation of an international investigation committee and the prosecution of the perpetrators and the ones behind them. He noted that “the targeted detention center was visited by the Red Cross and that the coalition of aggression is aware that it is a prison, yet they committed this crime”.

The governor of Saada commended “Operation Hurricane Yemen 2 that represents the natural response to the real murderers, the US, which had its share at the Al Dhafra base.