Tuesday 1 December 2009 - 04:33

Corruption in Saudi Arabia’s Government reaches All Time Highs

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Corruption in Saudi Arabia’s Government reaches All Time Highs
Ali al-Ahmed, in an interview with Al-Alam, said in regards to the flood in Jeddah which cost the lives of many people: “This is not the first time that such an incident has happened in Jeddah. This city does not have a water and waste distribution center. Such incidents stem from this.” Al-Ahmed said: “The flood in Jeddah, according to governmental sources, has caused the deaths of 106 people. This number is closer to 300 in reality. Such rain does not cause such tragedies in other countries.”

The director of the Institute of Gulf Affairs in Washington clearly stated: “The officials of Jeddah are not the only people responsible for this incident. Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz, the king of Saudi Arabia, and his ministers, are directly responsible because he was in Jeddah when this incident occurred. But, in his yearly address he did not mention this incident at all. He disregarded those who lost their lives.”

Ali al-Ahmed continued: “The upsetting issue is that the ministers of Saudi Arabia spoke about the people who lost their lives with a smile on their faces. This shows their indifference.” Al-Ahmed emphasized: “Oil was found 75 years ago in Saudi Arabia. They have received more than 5 trillion dollars in profit from that time until now. This is a huge amount of money. But, the profit from oil has not changed the lifestyle of Saudi Arabian citizens in the least.”
Source : Islam Times