Friday 10 May 2024 - 21:52

Iran: US, Europe Sacrificed Human Rights for Cheap Price

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Iran: US, Europe Sacrificed Human Rights for Cheap Price
The comments follow the violent crackdown on pro-Palestine students in America and some European countries. 

The Foreign Ministry spokesman added the violent and brutal suppression of student protest movements in America and Europe against the war crimes of the Zionist regime continues intensely.

Kana'ani said, it is clear that the commitment to unconditionally support the Zionist regime is prioritized over the human rights commitments of the United States and certain European states.
Amid the Israeli regime's war crimes against Gazans, pro-Palestine rallies continue in the US and Europe. Hundreds of the ralliers have been arrested in America. 

Meanwhile, French police used tear gas to disperse protesting students at Sorbonne University. 

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman also pointed out global public opinion no longer attaches any value to the false slogans of  Americans and Europeans about human rights.