Wednesday 11 July 2012 - 05:59

Former member of Khalq organization talks of cooperation with Tareq al-Hashemi

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Former member of Khalq organization talks of cooperation with Tareq al-Hashemi
 Ali Hussein Nejad  - former translator of the organization - , who left Khalq said in an detailed interview with "Ashraf News" site, "I was working as a translator in the office of Massoud Rajawi and in the Foreign Relations Department of the Organization Khalq. Its main mission is to intervene in the affairs of Iraq and I know that there are political figures, Iraqi media and Iraqi lawmakers, who oppose the Maliki government and receive directly or indirectly huge amounts of money from the Khalq. "

He added, "From these figures and politicians cooperating with the Khalq are members of the Government -- Tareq al-Hashemi, Saleh al-Mutlaq and Iraqi lawmakers Dhafir al-Ani, Haider Mulla ,Maysoon Adomlooje ,Al-Taha Lahibi , Ahmed al-Alwani , Kareema Dawood , Salim Abdullah al-Jubouri Hassan Khalf  Jubouri ,Ashwaq Aljaf , Nada Ibraham Al Jubouri and Faiza al-Obeidi (from the Iraqi List) and Ahlam  Asaad and Ala Talabani (from the Kurdish list), and Iraqi journalists Abdul-Jabbar Jubouri , Ali al-Naimi and Sarmad Abdul Karim (Director of the site and the Iraqi News Agency - INA - which is in Denmark with funding from the Khalq organization), Zidane, Abdelkrim (INA) Asad Majid ( Alzaman) and Saffy  Alyasiri, which is a mercenary of the  organization and Mishan Jubouri (former deputy),, Mishan al-Saadi is an active member of the Iraqi, Abdullah al-Jubouri in the province of Diyala.
The translator also said that some of the Iraqi media were also supporting the Khalq, such as the "Alzaman, the Constitution and Alshrkeea, Iraqi News Agency (INA), Iraq for all managed by Sarmad Abdul Karim in Denmark and fully funded by the organization  as well as the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA).

He added that non Iraqi newspapers were also involved -- "Elaph from Saudi Arabia which is managed by Nizar Jaaf and Alsyaseh, a Kuwaiti newspaper.”