Sunday 24 February 2013 - 07:01

Maliki vows to fight sectarianism in Iraq

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Maliki vows to fight sectarianism in Iraq
Talking at the Conference of Governors in Basra on Saturday he called on all Iraqis to renounce violence, warning "sectarianism is our most dire enemy ... We need to act against whoever will try to destabilize our country by striking at the heart of our communities."
He emphasized that all those working against the nation will be held accountable and dealt with adequately.
He accused foreign powers of meddling within Ira internal affairs - Qatar for instance - stressing he would not allow "meddlers' to derail the country's reconstruction.
PM al-Maliki swore he would do everything in his power to eradicate sectarianism.
Addressing recent demonstrations in Iraq, Maliki said most Iraqis were only asking for better state services, which he not only understood but wold work on in the coming months.
He reaffirmed his determination to create a stronger, more democratic Iraq where all citizens will stand equal before the law.