Monday 29 July 2019 - 05:25

Waging propaganda wars on other nations long-standing US policy

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Waging propaganda wars on other nations long-standing US policy
Stephen Lendman made the remarks when asked about a Wall Street Journal report that shows Washington has been running a disinformation campaign to sow discord between Iranians and their government by "blaming the country’s economic hardship on its leaders and discrediting those who oppose the White House’s policies."
The two authors of the article, Sune Engel Rasmussen and Michael Amon, state that the campaign makes use of all available channels, including hashtags, YouTube videos and "traditional pro-US media outlets broadcasting in the Middle East" to win over more support in Iran.
"American officials say US-sponsored radio stations including Voice of America now reach more than 14 million Iranians inside the country each week—about 23 percent of the nation’s adults," the article says.
According to them, the Trump administration has set up a State Department unit called the Iran Action Group, which is led by Brian Hook, the White House special envoy on Iran, and has been tasked with spreading the propaganda content.
“Waging propaganda wars on US targeted nations is long-standing US policy,” Lendman, an author and a radio host in Washington, told Press TV on Saturday.
The US “uses every weapon in its arsenal to go at” countries it has on its target list, he added.
He went on to say “the top countries on America’s list....are Russia, China and Iran,” noting, “these are the main targets the US has. It wants to put puppet regimes in, replacing these governments, so it’s waging a war by other means on all three of them along with waging propaganda wars.”