Sunday 13 October 2019 - 12:26

Israeli newspaper: Netanyahu is terrified of the right-wing coup

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Israeli newspaper: Netanyahu is terrified of the right-wing coup
The newspaper pointed out, that among the reasons why Netanyahu has called for the failure to re-assign the formation of the government, is the fear of right-wing religious parties allied with the coup, and to take positions to choose other figure to form a government.

The newspaper said that "Netanyahu was keen to procrastinate because he wanted to be sure that the right-wing bloc, which adheres to, will not work to replace him with another figure in the last moments, as a last resort from the crisis."

She added that Netanyahu had hoped that there would be developments from the proposal to be submitted by the head of the "Israel Our Home" party Avigdor Lieberman, but he was surprised that the proposal did not bring anything new, and did not cause any breakthrough in the formation of the government.

The newspaper pointed out that the option of the third elections is coming soon with all parties stick to their positions, and stressed that even if Netanyahu can form an Israeli government, this government will not be stable, and the future will continue to become unstable.
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