Wednesday 27 May 2020 - 06:44

French FM: Annexation of West Bank Cannot Go Unanswered

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French FM: Annexation of West Bank Cannot Go Unanswered
He made the remarks calling on the Israeli regime to refrain from any unilateral measures.

Referring to Netanyahu's decision to annex part of the West Bank to other occupied territories, Jean-Yves Le Drian asked the Israeli officials to abandon this plan.

“Annexing the West Bank could not go unanswered,” he added.

The Zionist regime seeks to annex more than 30% of the West Bank to its occupied territories in the near future, an act of aggression that has been criticized by many countries.

This move is based on Donald Trump's controversial plan for Palestine, known as the "Deal of the Century" which was proposed a few months ago and angered the Palestinians and was rejected by the international community.

In this plan, the Zionist regime is allowed to annex the West Bank towns and the strategic Jordanian Valley to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Some European countries have threatened to change the basis of their relations with Tel Aviv if the decision is implemented.