Sunday 17 January 2021 - 00:01

‘Hezbollah Boosted Missile Power as Israel Intensified Aggression in Syria’

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‘Hezbollah Boosted Missile Power as Israel Intensified Aggression in Syria’
Titled “Is Israel ignoring the biggest strategic threat it faces?” the opinion piece is written by Alon Ben-David, a military commentator of the Israeli regime’s Channel 13 TV.

Israel is intensifying its acts of aggression against Syria, but they have not stopped Hezbollah's efforts to establish an independent capability of producing and manufacturing accurate missiles on Lebanese territory, the article read.

“The main strategic threat facing Israel is not located in Syria, but in Lebanon, and as it stands, Israel is avoiding dealing with it,” it added.

“Several estimations indicate that the organization has managed to accumulate a few hundred mid to long range accurate missiles by now. It seems that the organization does not yet have complete manufacturing capabilities of such missiles but it continues its efforts of converting "dumb" missiles into accurate ones.”

Lebanon fought off two Israeli wars in 2000 and 2006. On both occasions, battleground contribution by Hezbollah proved an indispensable asset, forcing the Israeli military into a retreat and shattering the myth of the Israeli regime’s invincibility.

Lebanon and the occupying entity are technically at war since the latter has kept the Arab country’s Shebaa Farms under occupation since 1967.