Thursday 11 August 2022 - 11:51

Chinese Diplomat Blames US for Being ‘Main Instigator’ of Crisis in Ukraine

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Chinese Diplomat Blames US for Being ‘Main Instigator’ of Crisis in Ukraine
Zhang Hanhui, China’s ambassador in Moscow, said in an interview on Wednesday that Washington was pushing Russia into a corner by expanding the NATO military alliance and supporting forces favoring Ukraine’s alignment with the West.

“As the initiator and main instigator of the Ukrainian crisis, Washington, while imposing unprecedented comprehensive sanctions on Russia, continues to supply arms and military equipment to Ukraine,” Zhang was quoted by the TASS Russian news agency as saying.

“Their ultimate goal is to exhaust and crush Russia with a protracted war and the cudgel of sanctions.”

Zhang said relations between China and Russia had entered “the best period in history, characterized by the highest level of mutual trust, the highest degree of interaction, and the greatest strategic importance.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the Chinese diplomat denounced US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit last week to self-governing Chinese Taipei. “Non-intervention in internal affairs is the most fundamental principle of maintaining peace and stability in our world.”

Pelosi’s whirlwind visit to Taiwan sparked fresh tensions between Beijing and Taipei and saw China holding large-scale naval and aerial drills around the island. China considers Taiwan as a breakaway province that should be reunited with the mainland under the internationally-recognized ‘One China’ policy.