Tuesday 10 January 2012 - 09:50

Jordan valley under Israeli threat

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Jordan valley under Israeli threat
Abu Nahar suspects that the Israeli civil administration is planning to expand the nearby settlement of Tomer at the expense of his community.

In the adjacent community of fasayil al-fouqa the story is identical.

Mobilizing a civil resistance movement against the plans of the Israeli civil administration in the Jordan Valley is a grass root organization known as the Jordan valley solidarity movement. The movement's primary aim is to protect Palestinian existence in the Jordan valley by building international support and by supporting communities on the ground.

50 percent of the Jordan Valley land is allocated to Israeli settlements while 45% is designated as Israeli military zones leaving only 5% under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

Existence is resistance and observers say, that's exactly what Palestinians in the Jordan Valley are doing with brave help from a growing international solidarity movement. For this community "al-fasayel alwousta" leaving is not an option, they're simply tired of being pushed around.