Monday 6 July 2020 - 09:16

‘Israel’ Launches into Space another Spy Satellite

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‘Israel’ Launches into Space another Spy Satellite
According to the Zionist war ministry, the "Ofek 16" espionage satellite was launched at 4am from central occupied territories into space. It described the Ofek as an "electro-optical satellite with advanced capabilities."

Shortly after the launch, the ministry said the Ofek already was transmitting data and beginning to orbit around the Earth. It said engineers from the ministry and ‘Israel’ Aerospace Industries were conducting tests before it begins full operational activities.

The Zionist occupation entity launched its first spying satellite, called Ofek1, on September 19, 1988. The launch was carried out secretly in order not to reveal the occupation entity’s technological advancement.

The last time ‘Israel’ launched a spy satellite was four years ago, when Ofek 11 took off from The Palmachim Airbase on September 13, 2016.