Wednesday 14 October 2020 - 11:48

Poll Shows 63% Of ‘Israelis’ Find Trump Better Than Biden for ‘Israel’

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Poll Shows 63% Of ‘Israelis’ Find Trump Better Than Biden for ‘Israel’
i24NEWSNew survey conducted by Direct Polls and published on October 12, 2020, showed that 63.3 percent of ‘Israelis’ think Trump will be a better candidate for the Zionist entity compared to Democrat candidate Joe Biden.

Answering the question, “which US presidential candidate do you think will be better for ‘Israel’?” 63.3 percent of respondents chose the Republican leader.

In contrast, Democrat candidate and former vice president Biden came up with a mere 18.8 percent.

Moreover, 53.2 percent said they thought the ‘Israeli’ right would be significantly harmed if Trump was not re-elected. A little over 21 percent replied that “‘Israel’ acts independently,” therefore won’t be influenced by a change in the White House.

Almost half of Zionists [48.2 percent] thought that US Jews are “mistaken” to support the Democratic Party, versus 35.5 percent who thought they were “correct” in doing so.