Friday 17 March 2023 - 11:49

‘Israel’ Approves Sale of Anti-drone Systems to Kiev

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‘Israel’ Approves Sale of Anti-drone Systems to Kiev
The US-based news website Axios cited ‘Israeli’ and Ukrainian officials as saying that the licenses had been approved for supplying Kiev with anti-drone technology as the fighting rages on.

The approval of the export licenses by War Minister Yoav Gallant and Foreign Minister Eli Cohen came in mid-February as the Tel Aviv regime was conducting a Netanyahu-ordered review of its policy toward the war, the officials said, referring to Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The licenses were approved for two ‘Israeli’ companies — Elbit and Rafael — that develop anti-drone systems."

The report said Cohen notified Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky about the approval during his trip to Kiev on February 15.

One Ukrainian official told Axios that a delegation from Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense visited Tel Aviv recently to get a presentation on the anti-drone systems but no deal has been signed yet.

“The systems ‘Israel’ proposed that Ukraine buy use electronic warfare to jam and down drones,” he added. “The systems have a range of around 25 miles and can be positioned near power plants or other critical sites to protect them from drones.”

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry is interested in the systems but they are viewed as less critical because Ukraine has been able to intercept the drones between 75–90% of the time, according to Ukrainian officials cited in the report.

"What we really need is a defensive system against ballistic missiles," an official said.

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, Tel Aviv has been wary of providing military assistance to Ukraine, fearing such a move could create tension with Russia and harm ties with Moscow.

The Zionist regime previously turned down a request from the Ukrainian government to provide the country with the Iron Dome missile system and has also refrained from joining the US and other Western countries in imposing sanctions on Russia.

But pressure has been mounting on Netanyahu from his own party members as well as from the Western allies to provide Ukraine with anti-drone and anti-missile systems.