Monday 29 June 2020 - 10:39

Police Car Drives through BLM Protesters in Detroit

Story Code : 871527
Related FileOne of the protesters posted a clip on Facebook which shows the 4x4 vehicle driving through protesters who appear to have blocked its way, Mirror reported.

  According to the protester, up to a dozen people, including himself were struck by the "reckless driver", while one person was "trapped on the hood" before being "tossed" onto the road.

The video shows some at the scene on Sunday evening holding protest signs and banners while many are chanting.

With several people clambering onto the bonnet of the car it suddenly jolts forwards and some people fall backwards.

It then picks up speed and appears to swerve as one remaining person still clinging on is thrown onto the road.

The video ends with people screaming and many in the crowd sprinting after the police car.

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