Friday 1 September 2023 - 09:11

Libya Opposes Any Normalization with “Israel”, Supports Palestinians

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Libya Opposes Any Normalization with “Israel”, Supports Palestinians
Earlier, Dbeibah sacked his top diplomat after she met the “Israeli” FM, with news of the encounter triggering protests in the country.
The sacked Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush said her meeting with “Israeli” Foreign Minister Eli Cohen in Rome was unplanned and informal, but an “Israeli” official told reporters it had lasted two hours and was approved “at the highest levels in Libya”.
Speaking in a government cabinet meeting, as per Libyan reports, Dbeibah reiterated that the Rome meeting is a “serious matter” and has vowed to uncover “what happened in Rome, regardless of the circumstances, reasons, methods, and regardless of good or bad intentions.”
“Even if it was a side meeting, or in passing, it requires a harsh response to be a lesson on the nation’s sanctities,” Dbeibeh was quoted by Libyan media as saying, stressing his and his unity government's “complete rejection of normalization with ‘Israel’” and “bias toward the Palestinian people and their just cause.”
Dbeibeh expressed his pride at Libyans’ outrage over the meeting between Mangoush’s meeting with Cohen, in which they took to the streets and burned tires in protest.
The Libyan people “clearly declared that the Palestinian issue runs in their veins.”