Saturday 18 March 2023 - 10:52

Iran: EU Turned into Iran-Bashing Venue

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Iran: EU Turned into Iran-Bashing Venue
In a statement on Friday, spokesman Nasser Kanaani reacted to the “suspicious events” related to the sickness of girls in some schools in the country.

“While the Islamic Republic of Iran is seriously and at the highest level pursing the issue and expert teams of the [Iranian] Health Ministry are doing a field and scientific investigation, the European Parliament’s move to issue a resolution and repeat baseless accusations against our country is surprising and regrettable,” Kanaani said.

He further stated that “It is embarrassing that some countries are using measures by mercenaries and agents of this crime as a tool to tarnish the image of Iran and wage a propaganda campaign against the Islamic Republic.”

Kanaani said such countries are also using the issue as a “new subject” to continue their endless enmities toward Iran.

“Unfortunately, the European Parliament has turned into a platform for these suspicious and extremist figures with the purpose of spewing hate against the Iranian people and spreading the Iranophobic project,” he stated.

European lawmakers issued a statement on Thursday, calling on the UN Human Rights Council to conduct an independent investigation into a wave of poisonings that have hit schoolgirls in Iran. The motion was passed by 516 votes in favor, five against and 14 abstentions.