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Quds Day this Year Epitomizes a Global Al-Quds Storm

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Quds Day this Year Epitomizes a Global Al-Quds Storm
With the intensification of Gaza war and blockade that has changed the enclave into a "hell on earth", this year's Quds Day is the most appropriate time to display the global consensus in condemnation of the Israeli crimes. 

The characteristic of this year's Quds Day rallies is the increase in the number of participants across the world in support of Gaza and Al-Quds . This year, Quds Day is no longer limited to the participation of Arab and Islamic communities, but people in Western countries also participate in this march by raising Palestinian flags.

The initiative of naming the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the Quds Day was made by Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in 1980, and thanks to this wise foresight, after 45 years, the support for the defenseless people of Palestine is increasing year by year. In recent months, the wave of public protests around the world in support of Gaza and against the Israeli regime proved that the issue of Palestine has once again resurfaced to the global attention, and the role of the Quds Day rallies in this awareness is exemplary and pivotal. Just as the public opinion of the world has voiced support for the Palestinian nation in the past six months, they once again renewed their faith in the Palestinian liberation. 

Having in mind that Al-Quds (Jerusalem) was the first qibla of Muslims, the naming of Quds Day broadened the case of Palestine from a Palestinian and Arab matter to an Islamic and international one. In the Quds Day rallies every year, younger Muslim generations around the world are reminded of the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli regime and that the task of liberating it is placed on the shoulders of Muslims, and the Quds Day is a living document showing that Al-Quds cause has never been forgotten and until the liberation of Palestinian lands from the hands of the Israeli occupiers, it will remain alive. 

Muslim unity and cohesion expanding 

One of the outstanding points of the Quds Day in recent years has been the apparent unity and cohesion of the Muslims in support of Palestinians. Despite the fact that the West-Israeli front has tried to crack the ranks of the Muslims to derail them from support to the Palestinian cause using media propaganda, its agenda has backfired. 

In recent months, the Islamic nations have shown with their unreserved support to the people of Gaza that the cause of Palestine is still central to the Muslim world, and as this old wound grows older, the hatred against the occupiers of Palestine and the support to the oppressed Palestinian nation become stronger. In other words, support for Palestine not only has not weakened, but also the issue of Palestine remains the top case of Muslim nations. 

Every year, the importance of solidarity with the Palestinian people grows bolder, and the Quds Day can be considered as a day of permanent solidarity with the Palestinian people in which the Muslims try to root out the cancerous Israeli regime from the region.

On the other hand, the cohesion and unity of Muslims on Quds Day and the condemnation of Israeli crimes in the occupied territories is an ultimatum to the Israeli leaders and their Western supporters that they cannot divide the Muslim world. The turnout of Muslims on Quds Day is a clear message to the Israeli-Western camp that the Islamic world will not tolerate the genocide in Gaza and will stand against this crime with all its might.

Quds Day's role in thwarting normalization project 

The massive public presence on Quds Day sends an important message to the international organizations to change their approach to the Israeli crimes and take steps in line with the world calls for ending the Israeli genocidal war on Gaza and punishing Israeli war criminals. 

One of the issues that makes this year's Quds Day different from previous years is that it will foil the Israeli evil schemes in the region. In the past years, the Israeli regime made a lot of efforts to bring more Arab countries to normalization process and guarantee its existence, but the war in Gaza marred Benjamin Netanyahu and his friends' plans, and due to the amount of crimes committed by the Israelis in Gaza, now nobody in the Islamic world dares to talk about normalization with Tel Aviv.

Actually, massive public presence on Quds Day indicates a clear picture of the public Arab opinion to stop normalization steps. Some Arab rulers of the Persian Gulf have close relations with the Israeli regime, and during the Gaza war, with their silence to the genocide in Gaza, they made the Israelis even more daring to continue massacres. But the large-scale presence of the public opinion of the Arab world in the Quds Day rallies is a warning to the compromising rulers to review their behavior before it is too late and bring back Palestine to the center of their focus. 

Encouragement to Palestinian fighters 

Certainly, wide-ranging global support to the Palestinians on Quds Day offers encouragement to the resistant Palestinian nation to press ahead with its resistance path. Gaza residents over the past six months have passed arduous days under heavy bombardment and starvation, and presence of millions of people in Quds Day rallies will give them a spirit boost, telling them they are not alone, and that Muslims around the world stand by you in any circumstances. Over six months have gone since Israel waged its war, but it has not reached any of its goals, and its barbarous actions only revealed its evil face to the world. 

Muslims' solidarity with the Palestinians on Quds Day bolsters the spirit of freedom among the forces of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and these groups will continue fighting against the invaders with the spiritual support of the world nations. 

The heroism of the Palestinian people and their great sacrifices in Gaza have shown that it is possible to win over the Israeli regime, and the Israelis will grow weaker should armed struggle continues. 

Gaza war has strengthened the "unity of the fields" theory— a theory in the Axis of Resistance that believes attack on one branch of Resistance camp should trigger response of all branches—, and the strategic view of the Resistance members from Yemen and Iraq to Lebanon can be seen as an effort to move away from direct confrontation with the Israeli regime at the present time and to prepare for the inevitable big battle with an enemy that abides by no laws and respects no principles and only knows the language of force. 

The events arranged around Quds Day seek unity of Muslims and Muslim governments and prioritization of liberation of Palestine. There is no doubt that the Quds Day raises the awareness and insight of the world public opinion and warns the occupiers that they do not have the right to desecrate the holy Muslim sites and any hands of desecration will be cut off. 

Having in mind that magnificent arrangement of Quds Day largely depends on its main currency, namely the free and honorable people around the world, it can rightly be suggested that the conditions are now more than ever prepared to realize the goals of this international day. The reality is that the world community and public now completely stand with the Palestinian people and their right to liberation and foundation of their independent country with Al-Quds as its capital.