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What are Outcomes of Iranian FM’s New York Visit?

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What are Outcomes of Iranian FM’s New York Visit?
Why did the FM visit New York? 

Amir-Abdollahian visited New York to take part in the UNSC session on Palestine statehood four days after Iran launched punitive missile and drone strikes on the Israeli regime for its attack on the Iran embassy's consular section in Damascus April 1.

Upon his arrival, the Iranian FM spoke about the American officials' claims that the US had not been informed of Iran's response to Israel, saying: "Since the decision was made in the Islamic Republic of Iran to warn and punish the Israeli regime, the United States has been informed. After the operation, we sent another message to the United States at approximately 2:30 am to say that we are not looking for the escalation of tensions in the region."

The top Iranian diplomat explained the reasons for Iran's attack at the high-level meeting of the United Nations Security Council. He said" Iran's legitimate defense and countermeasures have now ended. Therefore, the Israeli regime should be forced to stop repeating any further military adventures against Iran's interests. Undoubtedly, in case of any use of force by the Israeli regime and aggression against Iran's interests, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not hesitate for a moment to assert its inherent right to give an immediate, decisive and strong response to it and make this regime definitely and completely regret it. This is an irreversible decision."

He further said: "I want to make it clear from New York with a loud voice that Iran has always been a positive part of regional developments, in stabilizing peace and stable security, including the fight against terrorism. We will not compromise with any party in achieving maximum national security and interests of the country and the collective security of the sensitive region of West Asia. The Security Council must restrain the rebellious and rebel regime of Israel and immediately end the root of the war and genocide in Gaza." 

Using diplomatic capacities 

Commenting on the visit of Iranian FM to New York, Abed Akbari, an international affairs expert, said that Iran has used all of its diplomatic capacities to counter the terrorist activities of the Israeli regime and to build a consensus, and Amir-Abdollahian's visit to the US is the continuation of Tehran's diplomatic movements.

Seeking to neutralize US sanctions

At the same time, the visit seems to have targeted reducing the largely unfair unilateral sanctions on Iran imposed by the US. Pointing to his meeting with the UN chief Antonio Guterres, Amir-Abdollahian said that naturally part of the meetings were dedicated to diplomacy aimed at lifting the sanctions.

Israeli psychological warfare on Iran over so-called Isfahan attack foiled

Coincident with Iranian FM’s arrival in New York, the Israeli regime and its media outlets, mainly Western ones, claimed an attack on Isfahan in the center of Iran. FM Amir-Abdollahian countered this psychological warfare through his talks with the media in New York. Concerning the shooting down of four quadcoppters in Isfahan and claims of a missile attack, Amir-Abdollahian told NBC News that "what is reported by the media outlets is not precise given the information we have. The Israeli regime is putting forward a media propaganda. If the Israeli regime takes action against my country and it becomes proven to us, our response will be quick, maximal, and regretting." 

He added that Iran's air defenses are highly sophisticated. 2 to 3 quadcoppers were shot down upon their appearance in the sky."Our armed forces' preparation is 100 percent. What happened was not an attack. It was flight of 2 to 3 quadcoppters, as small as toys our kids in Iran play with, and they were not worth being informed about."