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Iranian Acting FM’s Regional Tour Amid Biden’s Ceasefire Proposal

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Iranian Acting FM’s Regional Tour Amid Biden’s Ceasefire Proposal
Talks with Lebanese and Syrian officials about continuation and expansion of bilateral ties and regional and international affairs, especially the latest Palestinian developments, were among the agenda of Baqeri Kani in his regional tour.

In his visit to Lebanon, Baqeri Kani talked to Lebanese FM Abdullah Bouhabib, acting Prime Minister Najib Mikati, and Hezbollah chief Sayed Hassan Nasrallah.

He then flew to Syria as another pillar of the Axis of Resistance, an Iran-led regional bloc opposing Western imperialism and Israeli occupation of Palestine. During this trip, the heads of the Palestinian groups present in Damascus had an important meeting with the Iranian FM on Tuesday to ponder ways to finalize the ceasefire in Gaza and consolidate the victory of the.

This issue is important as in recent days, some Arab countries have tried to overshadow the resistance gains with media propaganda painting the possible ceasefire and end of war as a result of an American-Arab agreement.

Alwaght has talked to Hassan Hanizadeh, an Iranian expert of regional affairs, asking him for details of regional tour of the Iranian FM. 

Baqer Kani discusses Biden's ceasefire proposal 

Mr Hanizadeh described the visit as part of push to boost the Axis of Resistance, adding that this tour is for talks with the countries of the Resistance camp. During this visit, Baqeri Kani met with leaders of Palestinian resistance groups, as well as Hezbollah secretary-general. 

Hanizadeh added that Gaza was the top agenda of the tour. The outcomes of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm were discussed as regional changes are likely. Biden's proposal to end the war and also the Israeli plan for political and geographical changes in Gaza were among the topics of discussions between Baqeri Kani and some Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian leaders. Having in mind that the Israeli regime these days carries out the strongest attacks on Gaza, it seems that Baqeri Kani discussed bolstering the Axis of Resistance and the cohesion necessary to counter the Israeli occupation. 

Maintaining Axis of Resistance's cohesion 

Describing the visit of Baqeri Kani to resistance countries as important, Mr Hanizadeh said that in Damascus the Iranian FM discussed various regional issues and Syrian role in the Axis of Resistance. Since the late FM Amir-Abdollahian played a key role in convergence and cohesion of the branches of Resistance camp, Baqeri Kani is trying to maintain this agenda. 

Biden-Netanyahu open differences 

Pointing to the difference of Biden's recent ceasefire proposal with previous ones, Mr Hanizadeh added that the proposal made by Biden is an acceptable one; a three-stage ceasefire and each stage is six weeks long. The refugees, ceasefire, and prisoner swap are part of the proposal. Also, we have the humanitarian aid delivery that is supplementary to the plans that have been proposed by Qatar and Egypt. 

Hanizadeh also mentioned the intensification of the behind-the-scenes rift between Biden and Netanyahu, adding that the US president and Israeli PM each have their own approach to Gaza war to stay in power. Biden seeks reelection in presidential race, and Netanyahu is not afraid of expanding the war to stay in power. Biden announced a plan for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which was interpreted as Israel's gradual withdrawal from the war. This plan stipulates the cessation of war. But Netanyahu asserted that Israel's conditions for stopping the war have not changed.

This political expert assessed the timing of Baqeri Kani's tour as proper, saying that the Israeli regime has opposed Biden's proposal. He said the proposal is likely to be rejected by Netanyahu since the Israeli PM does not agree to a ceasefire while Hamas and Islamic Jihad remaining armed, and so he seeks to free the prisoners before ceasefire. Indeed, this will not approved of by Hamas and Islamic Jihad and it remains the sticking point between them and the Israeli government. So, Biden's proposal is unlikely to take effect. This point should be taken into account that this visit is taking place amid efforts to secure peace in southern Lebanon and draw a continuous land border with Israel.