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We must stand with Syria against the Zionists

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We must stand with Syria against the Zionists
 I met him at a café to speak about the situation in Syria. 

MO: Why is there so much attention on Syria right now? 

AR: Yes you know the fall of Mubarak was a big setback for Israel and World Zionism at large. The uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt came as a surprises to them. When they realized they could not stop this wave of dissent, the so called “Arab Spring”, they decided to hijack it. The US and Israel and their allies are trying to use this energy, this new spirit of change, in their own interests. That is what we saw unfolding in Libya and now in Syria. That is imperialist power grabs in the garb of “popular uprisings”. 

MO: So you wouldn’t call what is happening in Syria a revolution? 

AR: Not at all. On the contrary it is a counter revolution. Syria is an independent country. There is not a single American, military base in Syria. The imperialists want to take over Syria and they use the language of a popular revolution, but it is far from it. This is only a language of deception to fool people.

MO: You talked about the language of revolution and I came to think of Al-Jazeera. This channel has in my view been used as a tool to incite unrest in Syria. 

AR: Yes, very much so. Al-Jazeera is completely controlled by Zionists. Almost all of their commentators and experts are Zionists. I don’t trust Al-Jazeera at all. The difference between the Lebanese TV channel Al-Manar and Al-Jazeera is like the difference between resistance and occupation. Al-Manar is the voice of the resistance while Al-Jazeera is the voice of the occupation. Qatar is home to the largest American military base in the Middle East. Qatar is not an independent country. It is an American colony. And it is a dictatorship. Al-Jazeera reflects that, nothing else. 

MO: Why does the US, Israel and their allies want to destroy Syria? 

AR: Palestine is the core of the matter. The Zionists have occupied Palestine for more than sixty years. They are about to Judaize the whole of Palestine. They are eradicating all traces of Arab and Islamic culture. Jerusalem is rapidly becoming a Jewish city. It’s a genocide going on. And every day new Jewish immigrants are imported from all over the world. The West is not reacting. Instead it is complicit in this crime. As we know occupation breeds resistance. In the 1950s and 60s Arab and Islamic resistance was represented by Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt but after the Islamic revolution of Iran in 1979 Imam Khomeini emerged as the new leader of the resistance in the Islamic world. He transformed the Israeli embassy in Tehran into a Palestinian one! You know, the camp of resistance in the Middle East today consists of Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. By destroying Syria the Zionists and their allies hope to weaken the resistance and strengthen Israel. 

MO: So this campaign against Syria is a continuation of the war against Hezbollah in 2006?
AR: Of course, but it goes much further than that. It is a part of the Zionist colonialist project which started in the 1890s. Since the very start of the Zionist colonization of Palestine they have waged war after war against the Arabs. It’s a constant conflict which can only be resolved by dismantling this illegal regime. The aim of the current campaign against Syria is to break the resistance. In July 2006 Hezbollah showed the world that an Arab army could stand up to the Zionist military machine. It inspired Arabs and Muslims. It gave them new hope. You know the arch enemy of Israel is Iran. Israel wants to strike Iran but it fears Hezbollah will retaliate. So they need to take out Hezbollah. They tried in 2006 but failed. Syria is the link between Hezbollah and Iran. They figure if they destroy Syria they can cut off supplies to Hezbollah, isolate it, and eventually take it out. This will open up for a war against Iran. So the destruction of Syria is just the first step towards engaging Iran. That is why it is so important that we support Syria against these Zionist, imperialist designs. 

MO: What is this so called “Free Syrian Army”? 

AR: It is a mixture of sectarian fanatics, incited by the religious establishments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and mercenaries controlled by Israel and Western powers. It is supplied with arms from abroad to destabilize Syria and prepare for a NATO intervention. This army has occupied some neighborhoods in Homs and other cities where they hold the civilian population as hostages. 

MO: What do you think of the new Syrian constitution? 

AR: It is a very big step forward. The Syrian people want change. They want a more democratic society. Democracy is a process. We don’t have complete or perfect democracy in the West either. It is a constant struggle. But change should come from within, not from NATO and World Zionism. That sort of democracy is false and just an empty slogan. If NATO and the Zionists cared about democracy and human rights they would be condemning the Zionist regime! They are not! 

MO: Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab states most actively engaged in the campaign against Syria?

AR: Saudi Arabia is the worst dictatorship in the world. The Saudi monarchy occupies Mecca. They treat Mecca as their personal property and do what they want there. They do not have elections. They don’t even have a constitution. Saudi Arabia is controlled by the Zionists. Just like Qatar it is home to American forces. Unlike them Iran and Syria are free, independent states. If Muslims are interested in freedom they should first of all rise up against the Saudi monarchy. In fact there are protests in Saudi Arabia all the time, but they are ignored by the West. It doesn’t suit their interests. 

MO: Who would gain if the Syrian regime falls? 

AR: The Zionists! Arabs and Muslims would be losers. The struggle against the occupation of Palestine would be severely weakened. That is why we as Muslims and Arabs, and lovers of freedom in general, must stand with the Syrian regime against this terrible onslaught. 

Mohamed Omar is a Swedish freelance writer 
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