Wednesday 29 June 2022 - 05:04

Pressure mounts on Israeli arms factories in UK

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Pressure mounts on Israeli arms factories in UK

One of its customers is Britain, which also hosts Elbit Factories. Palestine Action has successfully closed down its headquarters in London and in Oldham, and is now going after UAV, which makes engines for Elbit’s military drones.

Nestled in the British countryside; a factory producing weapons to be used against the Palestinians in West Asia. So, do the locals know what is going on here? The activists protesting say yes, and momentum is building across the country in support of Palestine Action.

The protesters also say that as Britons they have a heightened responsibility to oppose the Israeli entity and fight for the liberation of Palestine.

The UK is said to be using Israeli weapons to stop refugees from reaching its shores, but in Britain there is a colossal push back against any cooperation with Tel Aviv. Millions of people regularly march in support of the Palestinian people calling for an end to apartheid and for Israel to be held accountable for its crimes against humanity.