Thursday 2 February 2023 - 22:19

Saudi Opposition Movement Urges the Unmasking of the Al Saud Regime’s Inaction

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Saudi Opposition Movement Urges the Unmasking of the Al Saud Regime’s Inaction
In a statement, the opposition groups condemned the Swedish authorities' act of committing this crime, saying, "the placement of this immoral and uncivilized act in the context of freedom of expression, at a time when Sweden has the worst record portrayed in violating the sanctity and rights of families by kidnapping their sons and daughters via the social welfare institution that receives huge sums of money from the Swedish taxpayer, under the pretext that families do not raise their children well and even forced them to become addicted to narcotic substances.”

The opposition added, "The inaction of the Saudi regime, which claims guardianship over the Islamic nation and Muslim sanctities, must be exposed in the face of these disgraceful actions."

It considered that "this inaction is not surprising, as it has become one of the characteristics of the Saudi regime, its absence in calamities and its presence in conspiracies." The opposition went on to say, “If it were a case affecting the ruling family which is oppressing the people of the Arabian Peninsula, the response would not have been delayed for an hour, and we have witnessed how the Saudi regime acted towards it.”

“We witnessed how the Saudi regime behaved towards Sweden in 2015 after the Swedish Foreign Minister criticized the Saudi judiciary, and what happened at the time of a diplomatic crisis between the two countries that led to the withdrawal of the Saudi ambassador from Stockholm, in addition to many other events and evidences,” the movement explained.

Furthermore, the opposition movement continued, "The Saudi regime has always presented itself as the guardian of the Islamic nation, linked to the Arabian Peninsula's embrace of the Two Holy Mosques, in addition to its claims of embracing the correct Islamic faith, but it is absent when it requires a principled and historical stand on fateful issues or issues that affect the dignity and honor of the nation.”

The opposition added: “It is shameful, when the regime remained silent about the Zionist regime's collective punishment against the Jenin camp in the West Bank, and despite the siege upon it and the continuous brutal aggression against its children, its children recorded a wonderful example of legendary steadfastness in the face of the criminal Zionist machine backed by international cover and Arab silence.”

It believed that "the official position issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding what is happening in the Jenin camp, and later towards the heroic operation in occupied al-Quds [Jerusalem], is nothing but a faithful translation of the reality of the Saudi conspiracy against the cause of the nation, the Palestinian Cause." It stressed that "considering what happened in Jenin from the point of view of equality between the victim and the executioner is nothing but delusion and conspiracy, in deliberate disregard of the history of Zionist crime, which continues until now, and ignoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people in their land and sky along the entire borders of historical Palestine.”

The opposition movement renewed its “steadfast stand by the Palestinian people in defending their legitimate rights,” rejecting “categorically any infringement of a grain of soil from Palestine.” It stressed that “this proud and steadfast people have the full right to obtain all support from all the sons of the nation.”

The opposition movement concluded by saying, “The negligent positions, whether by silence or bargaining, are an expression of the position of governments that do not represent their people, because the Arab and Islamic peoples are still and will remain – God willing – with Palestine, all of Palestine.”