Monday 20 March 2023 - 11:29

Russia-China Ties Have No Limitations: Putin

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Russia-China Ties Have No Limitations: Putin
The piece, penned by Putin for China’s People’s Daily, was released late Sunday by the Kremlin’s press service.
“The progress made in the development of bilateral ties is impressive. The Russia-China relations have reached the highest level in their history and are gaining even more strength; they surpass Cold War-time military-political alliances in their quality, with no one to constantly order and no one to constantly obey, without limitations or taboos,” Putin wrote, praising the “level of trust in our political dialogue, our strategic cooperation.”
The two nations are busy shaping “a more just multipolar world,” Putin noted, lauding Beijing’s Eurasian international efforts under the One Belt, One Road Initiative, as well as China’s Global Security Initiative, envisioning comprehensive, cooperative, and sustainable security.
“Our countries, together with like-minded actors, have consistently advocated the shaping of a more just multipolar world order based on international law rather than certain ‘rules’ serving the needs of the ‘golden billion,’” Putin wrote.
“Russia and China have consistently worked to create an equitable, open and inclusive regional and global security system that is not directed against third countries.”
Beijing and Moscow have been “literally and figuratively building bridges,” Putin noted, with their actions drastically different from those undertaken by “some countries claiming hegemony and bringing discord to the global harmony.”
“We actively promote democratic multilateral structures such as the SCO and BRICS, which become more and more authoritative and influential and attract new partners and friends,” he said.
The Russian president also touched on the conflict with Ukraine, reiterating Moscow’s readiness to seek a diplomatic solution. He also expressed his gratitude for Beijing’s “well-balanced stance” on the hostilities. Last month, China unveiled a 12-point peace roadmap, which was welcomed by Moscow and dismissed by Kiev’s Western backers.
The Chinese leader is set to arrive in Moscow for a state visit on Monday. It will be Xi’s first foreign trip since he secured an unprecedented third term as president.