Saturday 25 March 2023 - 12:59

Iranian Advisory Committee in Syria Warns US Of Response to Air Strikes

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Iranian Advisory Committee in Syria Warns US Of Response to Air Strikes
The online statement, released late on Friday and signed by the Iranian Advisory Committee in Syria, said that the US air strikes had left several of their fighters dead and wounded.

“We have the capability to respond if our centers and forces in Syria are targeted,” the statement read.

On Friday night, a new wave of US air attacks on eastern Syria was reported after rockets were fired at bases in Syria where US occupation troops are stationed. Several US officials, however, denied that attacks were launched late on Friday.

US officials said two simultaneous attacks were launched against US forces in Syria on Friday. Officials said that, based on preliminary information, one US service member was injured in a rocket attack at the Konico plant but was in stable condition. At about the same time, several drones were launched at Green Village, where US occupation troops are also based.

US President Joe Biden on Friday said the US would respond “forcefully” to protect its personnel after, earlier in the day, it attacked Syrian sites used by groups affiliated with Iran’s Advisory Committee.

“The United States does not, does not seek conflict with Iran,” Biden said in Ottawa, Canada, where he is on a state visit. But he said the US was prepared “to act forcefully to protect our people. That’s exactly what happened last night.”