Saturday 1 April 2023 - 15:26

Yemen: Saudi-Led Coalition Displaces Yemenis on Abd Al-Kuri Island in the Socotra Archipelago

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Yemen: Saudi-Led Coalition Displaces Yemenis on Abd Al-Kuri Island in the Socotra Archipelago
A ministry statement noted that the aggressors “occupied some of Yemen's islands, beaches, and other important parts of its territory, while plundering the country’s wealth, and destroying its environment in all forms. They also displaced the residents of Abd al-Kuri Island, one of the most important islands in the Socotra archipelago.”

It further mentioned: “The countries involved in the aggression went too far in the past week by sending new Emirati forces to Hadibu Airport in preparation for their transfer to Abd Al-Kuri Island.”

According to the ministry, recent “satellite images show developments on the main airstrip. The area next to it has been paved in preparation for the construction of what are likely to be military warehouses or logistical buildings. They are also setting up workers areas and modern buildings east of the base on the occupied Abd Al-Kuri Island.”

Furthermore, the Ministry of Fisheries condemned the Saudi-led coalition’s collaboration with “Israel” in the archipelago and on strategic Yemeni islands. It is demanding that these forces leave Abd Al-Kuri Island and calling for their complete withdrawal from all of Yemen’s territory, including its islands and coastline.

The ministry holds the United Nations, including the Security Council and its affiliated human rights organizations responsible for the violations of Yemeni sovereignty on a number of islands.

Sanaa has repeatedly condemned the Saudi-led coalition’s displacement of the residents on Abd Al-Kuri Island, especially after the arrival of “Israeli” officers to the region.

On a different note, the Minister of Transport in the Sanaa government Abdel Wahhab Al-Durra warned the country’s Yemenia Airways against continuing to prevent the sale of tickets for Sanaa-Amman flights.

“The continued ban on ticket sales for Sanaa-Amman flights to travelers from the governorates of the Republic of Yemen has exacerbated the suffering of patients and travelers, and the company has incurred losses. The countries involved in the aggression and the management of Yemenia Airways in Aden will bear the consequences,” Al-Durra said.

The Minister of Transport explained that the accounts of Yemenia Airways in the banks of Sanaa and Aden are open to the company's management for covering operating expenses, purchases, and the salaries of employee.