Wednesday 31 May 2023 - 11:20

Iran Urges West to Rectify Policy Towards Syria

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Iran Urges West to Rectify Policy Towards Syria
In a speech during a meeting of the UN Security Council, Ershadi said that the failure of the international community to stop the “Israeli” aggressive acts and terrorist attacks against Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity is a matter of great concern.

“Iran strongly condemns these heinous crimes and stresses the urgent need to take urgent and decisive measures to confront this outlaw entity,” Ershadi noted.

The Iranian diplomat added that the humanitarian situation in Syria still faces challenges, especially that the current level of funding allocated to the humanitarian response in Syria is much less than what is required, and this funding shortage severely hinders the ability of the UN to provide adequate assistance to those in need.

Ershadi went on saying that the continuation of unilateral coercive measures remains an obstacle to improving the humanitarian and economic situation in Syria, as these illegal measures have exacerbated the challenges faced by the Syrian people and severely hindered the ability of the Syrian government to provide basic services to those in need.

She further noted that in order to effectively deal with the humanitarian and economic crisis in Syria, a comprehensive approach is necessary, and this approach must include several key elements, including the provision of adequate funding and the lifting of sanctions.

Ershadi pointed out that terrorism still poses a threat to Syria and the region, and it must be confronted firmly.

The Iranian diplomat stressed that the illegal presence of foreign military forces in Syria is the main source of insecurity in this country, and it must be ended in order to create a suitable environment to resolve the crisis.

Combating terrorism must be carried out with full respect for national sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of Syria and should not be used as an excuse to violate these basic principles of international law, the Iranian ambassador stressed.

Ershadi noted that Syria’s participation in the meetings of the Arab League and the resumption of its relations with Arab countries represent important steps in supporting security, stability and prosperity of Syria and the region.

She expressed hope that Western countries will also review and correct their policy towards Syria soon.