Saturday 10 June 2023 - 20:04

Dubai Would be ‘Israel’s’ New Land: Le Monde

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Dubai Would be ‘Israel’s’ New Land: Le Monde
According to the report, the Zionist-Emirati rapprochement has not faced any hurdle despite that extremist behavior of the six-months-old ‘Israeli’ government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The ‘Israeli’-Emirati normalization, the newspaper said, is advancing, citing the Free Trade Agreement which was signed between the two sides in May 2022, and entered into effect in March. This agreement led to decreasing or cancelling custom fees on almost all imported goods. Additionally, within three years, a million ‘Israelis’ visited the UAE, according to the ‘Israeli’ entity’s ambassador in Abu Dhabi, Amir Hayek.

The Abu Dhabi authorities are promoting a ‘hot peace’ with the Zionist entity, unlike the ‘cold peace’ into effect between the occupation regime and the Jordanian and Egyptian regimes, Le Monde explained. Zionists are welcome in the UAE, the country that hasn’t been at war with ‘Israel’ anytime, opposite to Egypt and Jordan.

The French paper cited the first ‘Israeli’ resident chief rabbi of the United Arab Emirates Levi Duchman who estimated the Jewish community in the UAE between 5000 and 7000 members. “In the past, we neither had an infrastructure nor Kosher foods [foods that conform to the Jewish dietary regulations] … but today we have means to support the Jewish community and visitors.”

According to Hayek, trade between the two sides hit $2.56 billion in the past year, except for the ratified contracts and the software sales. This makes the UAE ‘Israel’s’ 16th trade partner. The UAE has also invested some $3 billion in the enemy’s entity, namely in the energy sector.

The paper explained that the Zionists undertake jobs in UAE amid fears of unemployment across the Arab country. The World Bank pointed to that the unemployment rate in the UAE has hit 5% in 2020. This signals that the normalization deal is not equally interesting to both sides, as only 1600 Emiratis have visited the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories in 2022, the Ministry of Tourism said.

It also seems that normalization is still considered taboo among the Emirati people, unlike the country’s rulers.

The UAE and the Zionist entity declared normalization of ties in 2020, after which relations between the two sides have grown rapidly on different levels.