Saturday 10 June 2023 - 20:06

IOF Creates New Unit to Multiply Its Iranian Target Bank

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IOF Creates New Unit to Multiply Its Iranian Target Bank
Officers of the newly set up unit, Branch 54 which is the Iranian branch, by the Research Department of the entity’s Military Intelligence Division, explained that this is a major change in the way of thinking that the “Israeli” army must make. This means telling a senior commander in the “Israeli” army who trains all day for war in Lebanon or Gaza, that this is completely different from what he knows so far.

According to the “Israeli” Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, the branch focuses on studying and knowing the Islamic Revolutionary Guards [IRG] intelligence-wise, knowing the extent of existing preparations and training, as well as the latest intelligence information to fight Hezbollah and Hamas. One of its sections is considered active and gathers IRG-related targets for the day of war.

Only 30 soldiers serve in the new branch, a third of them are officers and non-commissioned officers. Until now, there is no name for the branch responsible for preparing the “Israeli” Army for the war against Iran. This unit is headed by Lieutenant Colonel M., and with his soldiers, they get to know more about the Iranian army and the IRG, and their combat and training method.