Sunday 17 September 2023 - 20:59

Iraqi Intelligence Nabs Terrorist Network in Baghdad

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Iraqi Intelligence Nabs Terrorist Network in Baghdad
The INIS disclosed that this operation had been conducted under the guidance of Iraq's Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

According to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the statement highlighted the exceptional intelligence operation conducted by the INIS, leading to the apprehension of this high-risk terrorist network.

This operation had a direct connection to a prior mission carried out in conjunction with the Counter-Terrorism Service (ICTS) on February 26, 2023. That operation resulted in the elimination of 22 terrorists in the Al-Anbar desert, in the western part of the country.

Furthermore, the mission played a pivotal role in identifying new targets and uncovering the network that was planning suicide operations. Their intended targets included Hosseini processions, police stations, checkpoints, and public markets across various neighborhoods in Baghdad. The diligent field monitoring of their activities led to the successful arrest of all network members.

The arrested individuals have confessed to their affiliation with terrorist groups and have revealed that they received extensive training in the creation of explosive devices, explosive belts, and other hazardous materials in preparation for carrying out suicide operations. The INIS executed a pre-emptive operation to apprehend them.

In its concluding remarks, the statement emphasized the INIS's commitment to pursuing the remnants of these terrorist groups relentlessly until they are completely eradicated. This operation showcases the effectiveness of the Iraqi intelligence effort and its ability to infiltrate the ranks of these extremist organizations.