Wednesday 15 November 2023 - 09:13

Hamas Rejects Allegations of Military Use of Gaza Hospitals

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Hamas Rejects Allegations of Military Use of Gaza Hospitals
What the Israeli regime's military presented regarding the Al-Rantisi Children's Hospital in Gaza City were "videos made in a contradictory, unprofessional, and illogical manner," and included "composite and fabricated scenes that mislead public opinion," Xinhua reported citing the media office statement on Tuesday.

It blamed the Israeli military for "making lies and practicing misinformation and incitement in preparation for destroying hospitals ... over the heads of patients, medical staff, and displaced people."

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry in Gaza said what the Israeli military showed and termed as an arsenal located beneath the hospital was a "poor charade," rejecting any involvement with the displayed weapons and items that Tel Aviv claimed for holding prisoners.

The Zionist regime surrounded a number of hospitals in Gaza City in recent days on alleged suspicion that their underground facilities have been used as Hamas military bases and command.