Friday 1 December 2023 - 11:28

Gaza Aggression: At Least 36 Palestinians Martyred in Resumed “Israeli” War

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Gaza Aggression: At Least 36 Palestinians Martyred in Resumed “Israeli” War
The health ministry spokesperson in Gaza Ashraf al-Qudra confirmed that the death toll had risen to 32 Palestinians.

Qudra said the dead included ten people killed in al-Maghazi in central Gaza, nine in Rafah in the South, and five in Gaza City in the north - hours after the truce ended at 7 a.m. local time [0500 GMT].

Relatedly, Palestinian sources announced the martyrdom of Abdullah Darwish, a photographer and reporter of the Al-Aqsa satellite channel after the resumption attacks by the Zionist regime on the Gaza Strip. So far, as many as 71 reporters have been killed in the “Israeli” regime airstrikes.

In the resumed airstrikes by the Zionist “Israeli” regime on different areas of Gaza, 6 people were martyred and dozens were injured.

“Israeli” regime airstrikes have hit southern Gaza, including the community of Abassan east of the town of Khan Younis, Hamas officials say. Another strike hit a home northwest of Gaza City.

Loud, continuous explosions are heard coming from the Gaza Strip, and black smoke billows from the territory.

The Gaza health ministry says three people have been killed in “Israeli” air raids in Rafah, in the Strip’s south.

The “Israeli” regime army has issued a statement saying that it has resumed its military campaign in the Gaza Strip, claiming that Hamas violated the truce by firing into occupied territory.

International mediators, including Qatar, Egypt and the US, were on Friday pushing for another extension of the Gaza truce ahead of its expiration at 7am local time [05:00 GMT], Al Jazeera reported.

With no extension announced by the deadline, there were reports of gunfire and explosions in the north of the Gaza Strip, while the Zionist regime's military said it had intercepted a rocket from Gaza.

An AFP journalist reported “Israeli” airstrikes, artillery fire seen in Gaza City the Zionist regime media said.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Al-Mayadeen network reported fighting between the Palestinian resistance fighters and the Zionist regime military in the northwest of Gaza.

Fierce clashes were going on between the Resistance fighters and the occupying “Israeli” forces in the northwest of Gaza, Al-Mayadeen said.

According to the report, Resistance fighters confronted the tanks of the Zionist regime in that area.

The temporary ceasefire between Hamas and the Zionist regime ended today,Friday, as deadline passed.

Hamas top official Osama Hamdan said the “responsibility for not extending the ceasefire lies with the Zionist regime and the United States”.

He said the Palestinian resistance was seriously looking for a ceasefire and is still pursuing it.

The “Israeli” entity started its war on Gaza on October 7 after resistance groups launched Operation al-Aqsa Flood in response to the regime’s in response to more than seven decades of occupation of Palestine and nearly two decades of blockade of Gaza and imprisonment and torture of thousands of Palestinians.

More than 15,000 Palestinians have been killed in the Zionist regime's attacks, while tens of thousands of others have been injured.

The entity has also blocked supply of water, food, electricity, and medicines to Gaza, plunging the coastal area into a humanitarian crisis. The regime has been defying global calls for a ceasefire as well.