Friday 1 December 2023 - 11:35

‘Israeli’ Regime Recalls ‘Ambassador’ From Spain

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‘Israeli’ Regime Recalls ‘Ambassador’ From Spain
Speaking with the Spanish broadcaster TVE, Sanchez said he had “serious doubt” that ‘Israel’ was in compliance with international humanitarian law while waging war on the Palestinian group, given the imagery coming from the enclave and the “growing numbers of children dying.”

“Because of the outrageous remarks by the Spanish prime minister, who again repeated baseless claims, I have decided to summon the ‘Israeli’ 'ambassador' in Spain for consultations,” ‘Israeli’ Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said on X [formerly Twitter].

Sanchez also urged the European Union to recognize the Palestinian state as a political solution to the current crisis. “It is in Europe’s interest to address this issue out of moral conviction because what we are seeing in Gaza is not acceptable,” he told TVE.