Saturday 2 December 2023 - 21:38

Yemeni Guns Aimed at Real Enemy Israel: Senior Official

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Yemeni Guns Aimed at Real Enemy Israel: Senior Official
“The Yemeni nation is a nation of Jihad. Our guns are aimed at the real enemy, which is Israel,” Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said, according to the Al-Mayadeen news network.

He also said, “We are telling the Americans to return to where you came from.”

Addressing Arab countries, the Yemeni official questioned the effectiveness of their mere holding of meetings and conferences in the wake of the unrelenting assaults of the Zionist regime against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

He added that Saudi Arabia must remove Palestinian resistance movements Hamas and Islamic Jihad from the terror list and replace them with the Zionist regime.

The remarks come two weeks after the Yemeni navy declared that they would target any Israeli ship in their shooting range in response to the regime’s crimes in the Gaza Strip.

Since October 7, Israel has been incessantly bombarding residential areas in Gaza in what has been widely denounced as an act of “collective punishment” against the Palestinian people in response to a surprise retaliatory operation by Hamas against the occupying entity.