Monday 4 December 2023 - 12:29

“Israel’s” War on Gaza Wipes out Health Sector

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“Israel’s” War on Gaza Wipes out Health Sector
Al-Boursh warned that the ‘Israeli” occupation troops were advancing toward the hospital in order to besiege it.

He further stated that dozens of Palestinians were martyred during an “Israeli” drone strike early on Monday, adding that hospital staff cannot bury the victims.

Over 10,000 displaced people are currently seeking shelter at Kamal Adwan Hospital, according to the Palestinian WAFA news agency.

For its part, the Government Media Office in Gaza said the bombardment of the Kamal Adwan Hospital shows that “Israel” has an integrated scheme to destroy the healthcare system in Gaza.

In a statement, the media office condemned Monday’s attack as a “serious violation of the provisions of international law and humanitarian law.”

“The ‘Israeli’ military,” it added, directly bombarded and shelled at least 14 Gaza hospitals and arrested 35 doctors.

The media office further urged the world, especially Western countries led by the US, to end the green light it gave “Israel” to target hospitals in Gaza and destroy its health sector.

“This is an organized war crime and is subject to punishment under international law as well as criminalization based on all international conventions,” it said. “Silence amounts to active participation in this crime.”

Palestinian human rights groups and civil society organizations dismissed an HRW report on a strike against a hospital in Gaza City as ‘inconclusive’ and devoid of ‘definitive results and key evidence.’

Meanwhile, reports said that the “Israeli” military has bombarded areas near the al-Ahli al-Arab Hospital, where many people are sheltering.

On October 17, hundreds of civilians were massacred and injured by “Israeli” airstrikes on the al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City. The assault has been condemned as an act of genocide by many governments around the world.