Thursday 7 December 2023 - 22:14

Poll: Biden’s Job Approval Erodes Further Amid Economic Concerns

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Poll: Biden’s Job Approval Erodes Further Amid Economic Concerns
Biden boasted approval figures in the 50s at the start of his term, and still had 45 percent at the beginning of this year, according to the CNN polling. The latest figure is down two points from 39 percent at beginning of the month.

Nearly two-thirds, or 63 percent, now say they disapprove of Biden. 

The president and his allies have largely shrugged off polling that some point to as warning signs for his reelection bid — as concerns about the economy and other issues continue to circulate. 

Just a third of voters in the new poll said they approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, down three points from October, while 67 percent disapprove.  

That figure is well below the figures in the 40s and 50s he saw during his first year, but it’s still not as low as the 30 percent approval he notched last summer.

Roughly seven in 10 respondents said they would rate the country’s current economic conditions as poor — though that figure is down a few points from July. About four in 10 say they’re worried the cost of living “will climb so high that they will be unable to remain in their community.”

Just 35 percent in the latest results said they approve of the way Biden is “helping the middle class".

The president and his 2024 campaign team have been touting “Bidenomics” and his administration’s record along the campaign trail, though some in the party have urged him to recalibrate in response to some signals from some of the numbers.

According to another survey released Tuesday, Biden’s approval rating has been stuck near record lows, lingering around 40 percent, 

Forty percent of respondents approving of Biden’s performance as president in the Reuters/Ipsos three-day opinion poll is a marginal increase from 39 percent in November.

Americans ranked the economy, crime, and immigration as the biggest problems facing the country in the new poll.

The president has struggled to break through on his messaging about his economic agenda, with Americans still feeling the impacts of inflation on the price of goods and gas. Crime and immigration are both hot-button issues that Republicans are have been hammering Biden and Democrats about since the midterm elections.

Biden’s approval rating saw a modest increase last month to 45 percent in a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll. That survey found that 44 percent of respondents approved of Biden’s handling of the economy, which was an increase from 41 percent in October.

The president faces reelection next year and has been stepping up his travel, most recently to California and Massachusetts, to fundraise. He is likely to face former President Donald Trump, who has held onto his position as the GOP front-runner all year, in a rematch in November.

Overall, Biden’s approval rating has been lingering below 50 percent since August 2021 and hit is lowest level, 36 percent, in 2022.