Friday 8 December 2023 - 10:44

Protesters Blockade UK Factories Building F-35 Warplane Parts Used By ‘Israel’

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Protesters Blockade UK Factories Building F-35 Warplane Parts Used By ‘Israel’
The four arms factories include Eaton Mission Systems in Bournemouth, BAE Systems at Samlesbury Aerodrome in Lancashire, L3-Harris factory in Brighton, and the BAE Systems Govan site in Glasgow.

Each of the four arms factories supply components that are necessary for building the F-35 stealth fighter jet.

According to its company website, L3-Harris’ systems are integral to several US combat aircraft including the F-22, F/A-18 and F-35. It also manufactures bomb-release mechanisms for the F-35 combat aircraft and Reaper drone, both of which are deployed by the ‘Israeli’ military in Gaza.

Footage posted online showed activists blockading the entrances to the four factories since the early morning and preventing workers from the arms factory from entering the sites.

The F-35 fighter jet is built by Lockheed Martin in the US, with the help of international partners, including British factories, which supply components used to help build the warplanes.

Earlier this year, the Zionist regime placed an additional order of 25 F-35 stealth fighter jets from Lockheed Martin, in a deal worth $3 bn.

The additional 25 aircraft manufactured by Lockheed Martin will bring the number of F-35s in the ‘Israeli’ air force to 75, the Zionist war ministry said. The purchase will be financed by aid money ‘Israel’ receives from the US.

Thursday’s actions come as workers in other parts of Europe, including the Netherlands, France and Germany, held similar actions.

Earlier this week, Dutch lawyers petitioned a court to demand the Netherlands stop exporting F-35 components that could be used by ‘Israel’ to attack Gaza.

The protests come as ‘Israel’ continues its bombardment of Gaza with support from western countries, including Britain and the US.

Since last Friday, more than 900 Palestinians have been martyred by ‘Israeli’ strikes, after a brief truce that saw the release of Palestinian children and women detained and ‘Israeli’ captives ended.

The Zionist bombardment of Gaza has so far left more than 16,000 Palestinian martyrs in Gaza, with the majority of the dead being women and children. At least 7,000 more are missing, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.