Friday 8 December 2023 - 10:45

Raisi Calls For ‘Immediate’ Stop To ‘Israeli’ Genocide in Gaza

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Raisi Calls For ‘Immediate’ Stop To ‘Israeli’ Genocide in Gaza
Putin greeted his Iranian counterpart in the Kremlin, where their talks centered on the ‘Israeli’ invasion and expanding relations between Tehran and Moscow.

“Gaza is a land where a child is martyred every ten minutes, so it is necessary to stop these bombings as soon as possible and find a quick and immediate solution,” Raisi said, adding “what is happening in Palestine is a genocide and a crime against humanity.”

“The Zionist regime's crime in Gaza is supported by the US and Western countries, and it is unfortunate that international organizations claiming to advocate human rights have lost their effectiveness,” he added.

“What is afflicting humanity today is unilateralism and the unjust global system, and its manifestation can be seen in Gaza.”

Putin received Raisi a day after visiting the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, where he discussed Gaza and Ukraine and efforts by Russia and OPEC to boost oil prices.

“We were ready for your flight to land in Tehran to host you,” Raisi told Putin, to which the Russian leader responded, “When I was flying over Iranian airspace, I wanted to land directly in Tehran and have a meeting, but I was told that the Iranian president was going to Moscow.”

Raisi touched on strong relations between the two countries, saying there is definitely room to further develop them.

“Iran and Russia have good cooperation in the field of energy, agriculture and knowledge-based activities, but better steps can be taken for the interests of both countries and their governments.”

“I am very happy to be your host in Moscow. It is important that today we exchange views on regional issues, especially the situation in Palestine,” Putin responded.

He also touched on growing trade and economic cooperation between the two countries, saying under the current plan, the signing of a free trade agreement between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union mission is on Russia's agenda.

“The relations between the two countries are developing rapidly. I would be grateful if you could convey our best wishes to the Eminent Leader [His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei], because he supports our relations.”

Putin cited transportation and energy, for which the two sides have signed contracts to build railways and develop oil and gas fields.

“We also have good relations in the field of education, because Iranian and Russian students study in each other's universities, and we actively work in all fields to move forward.”

Putin said, “My colleagues informed me that an exhibition was held in Iran between October 4 and 7 and the Russian participants of the exhibition were very happy to talk with their partners."

Raisi, who is visiting Russia on the official invitation of President Putin, was welcomed by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak and Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko at Moscow's Vnukova International Airport on Thursday.

The main agenda of his one-day trip include consultation on bilateral issues, including economic interactions, as well as discussion on regional and international issues, especially the issue of Palestine and developments in Gaza.