Friday 9 February 2024 - 21:20

“Israel”: Nearly Quarter of Likud Voters Prefer Gantz for PM

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“Israel”: Nearly Quarter of Likud Voters Prefer Gantz for PM
The poll, conducted by "Lazar Researches" in collaboration with the “Panel4All.co.il” internet panel of respondents, sampled 514 participants representing the adult population of “Israel” aged 18 and above.

It was conducted on February 7-8, 2024, providing insights into the current sentiments of the electorate

In terms of party mandates, the so-called “National Unity” party and Likud have experienced a decline, with the former dropping to 36 mandates and the latter decreasing to 17. This downward trend reflects a loss of four mandates for “National Unity” and one for Likud over the past two weeks.

Conversely, “Religious Zionism, United Torah Judaism and Jewish Power” have witnessed gains, with the latter reaching a record high of 10 mandates since the start of the war.

With the coalition gaining two mandates to reach a total of 48, and the opposition losing two to decrease to 67, the political landscape appears to be undergoing notable shifts. Despite these changes, Benny Gantz maintains his lead as the preferred candidate for prime minister, although his support has slightly waned compared to previous weeks.

The survey indicates that 48 percent of respondents view Gantz as the most suitable candidate for the position of prime minister, down slightly from 49 percent in the previous survey.

Meanwhile, 32 percent of participants continue to support Benjamin Netanyahu for the role, with no significant change observed from the previous week.