Saturday 24 February 2024 - 08:06

Syria Advocates Immediate Prosecution of Israeli Officials for Crimes

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Syria Advocates Immediate Prosecution of Israeli Officials for Crimes
Syria has called for the "immediate" prosecution of Israeli officials for their flagrant violations and various crimes, according to Ammar al-Arsan, the country's representative to the ICJ in The Hague. He made the remarks during oral proceedings on Friday regarding the legal consequences of Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories.

"Syria believes that Israel's prosecution, due to egregious violation of international laws and perpetration of crimes, is highly imperative," al-Arsan stated before the tribunal.

The Israeli regime came into existence in 1948 after occupying significant portions of Palestinian territories during a Western-backed war. It further expanded its occupation by seizing the West Bank, including East Jerusalem al-Quds, and the Gaza Strip in 1967. Since then, it has constructed hundreds of settlements on these territories and imposed severe restrictions on the movements of Palestinians living there.

While Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, it has maintained a comprehensive land, aerial, and naval blockade on the territory since 2006.

"Syria insists on the temporary nature of the occupation," al-Arsan emphasized, adding that the country "does not and will not accord the occupying entity any right to attain sovereignty over the occupied territories, no matter how long the savage occupation is going to take."

Al-Arsan highlighted the right to self-determination as one of the most important and original human rights. He accused Israel of violating this right by enabling illegal settlements across occupied Palestinian territories, asserting that Israel should be held accountable for these violations.

In addition to the crime of occupation, which is under discussion by the court, al-Arsan noted that the Israeli regime is committing genocide in Gaza and launching deadly attacks against Syria and Lebanon. He criticized the international community for its failure to confront these crimes and ensure the implementation of relevant international resolutions.