Wednesday 28 February 2024 - 09:16

Yemen in Open Battle with US, UK As Saudi Peace Talks Continue

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Yemen in Open Battle with US, UK As Saudi Peace Talks Continue
"Yemen is in an open battle with the US and the UK because they have invaded our country and aggressed against Yemen." Ali al-Qahoum, from Ansarullah's political office, stated, praising Sanaa for its unwavering support for Palestine and noting the unity of the Yemeni nation in defending Palestinians.
Speaking to Al Mayadeen, Al-Qahoum also mentioned ongoing peace negotiations with Saudi Arabia, aiming for peace, ceasefire, lifting the siege, completing humanitarian efforts, and economic recovery in Yemen. He urged Saudi Arabia to seize the opportunity for peace, criticizing US pressure hindering progress. Al-Qahoum also called for safe passage in mine-free routes and domestic decision-making regarding road reopening.
He also called on all Yemeni parties to be prepared to negotiate in Sanaa and emphasized that Sanaa has extended the hand of negotiation and dialogue under the leadership of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi for national unity and stability to confront the challenges and colonial plots of enemies.
On the other hand, Mohammed Abdulsalam, the official spokesman for the Ansarullah movement, told Reuters that Yemeni missile and drone operations in the Red Sea will not stop unless the aggressions of the occupying regime against Gaza end and the siege of this region is lifted.
He emphasized a reassessment of operations if Gaza receives sufficient humanitarian aid.
Recent reports of US and UK aggression in northwestern Yemen highlight ongoing challenges faced by the Yemeni people in their struggle to support the oppressed people of Gaza.
This comes as news sources reported last night about the US and the UK's aerial aggression against the island of Labuan in the northwestern Hadhramaut province located on the Red Sea coast in western Yemen.