Thursday 29 February 2024 - 22:20

Yemen's Revolution Leader Condemns Israeli Aggression amid Arab Humiliation

Story Code : 1119518
Al-Houthi criticized the behavior of Western nations, particularly the United States, highlighting the stark contrast between their professed commitment to human rights and their complicity in Israeli crimes, which he characterized as unimaginable.

He specifically pointed to the recent Israeli attacks on Palestinians awaiting humanitarian aid, condemning the occupying forces for turning a gathering of hungry Gazans around aid trucks in northern Gaza into a lethal trap.

Al-Houthi warned of the dire situation in Gaza, where aid only covers a mere 5% of the population's needs, leaving the entirety of its people grappling with a genuine tragedy. He emphasized that the ongoing crisis in northern Gaza has forced residents to flee in search of relief.

Despite the worsening plight of Gazans and the silence of Arab nations, Al-Houthi asserted that the Zionist enemy has failed to achieve its nefarious objectives.

He stressed the imperative for Arab states to fulfill their responsibilities, cautioning against the potential perilous consequences of inaction.

Al-Houthi urged the Islamic Ummah to awaken from indifference and address its duties with wisdom and foresight in the face of escalating crises.