Tuesday 26 March 2024 - 22:13

1701 Protects Lebanon Just as 2728 Protects Gaza: Only Resistance Can Tame ‘Israel’

By Mohammad Salami
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1701 Protects Lebanon Just as 2728 Protects Gaza: Only Resistance Can Tame ‘Israel’
This debate has never been settled. The resistance supporters have pursued their powerful path of defending the nation by force, and the opponents just spread their claims about the importance of relying on the international community and the United Nations in order to protect Lebanon from the Zionist barbarism.

Facts and clear-cut pieces of evidence conspicuously show the veracity of the resistance logic and the shallowness of the opponents’ claims.

Since the end of 2006 war, the Israeli enemy violated the UN Resolution 1701, which was issued to maintain the ceasefire, dozens of thousands of times, disregarding all the political, military, security and legal considerations.
However, the claim that the Resolution 1701 can protect Lebanon remained on top of articles, social media posts and televised remarks.

This debate reached its climax along with the Zionist war on Gaza. Over 32 thousand innocent civilians have been killed, yet the ‘civilized’ international community failed to break its silence about the Israeli barbarism.

After 170 days of Zionist massacres against Gaza, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that demands an immediate ceasefire in the Strip.

Resolution 2728 does not include any punishment for the Israeli enemy if it abstains from abiding by the stipulations of the resolution, according to the constitutional expert Jihad Esmail.

Dr. Esmail told Al-Manar Website that the resolution does not include any process of implementation and fails to classify the Zionist crimes as a threat to the international peace and stability.

The Israeli officials’ reaction to the resolution was very blatant. Immediately after the issuance of the resolution, the premier Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled a diplomatic trip which was set to be made by an Israeli delegation to Washington because USA did not veto 2728.

Moreover, most of the Zionist officials voiced carelessness about the UN resolution, stressing that the Israeli occupation forces will continue their war on Gaza regardless of any consideration.

Thus, the UN Resolution 2728 will fail to protect the Gazans from the Israeli insanity, criminality and barbarism. So, why should the UN Resolution 2728 protect Lebanon from Israeli insanity, criminality and barbarism?

Facts and clear-cut pieces of evidence confirm that the Resistance and its weapons can deter the enemy and tame the Israeli beast.