Tuesday 26 March 2024 - 22:17

Iran: UNSC Gaza Resolution Positive But Insufficient

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Iran: UNSC Gaza Resolution Positive But Insufficient
Kana’ani added what’s more important than the approval of the resolution is to take an effective step toward enforcing it, to put a complete and lasting end to the attacks against Gaza and the West Bank by the aggressor Zionist regime, to completely lift the oppressive siege on the strip, to open the crossings to Gaza in order to get huge quantities of international aid to the region without any discrimination, and to provide necessary funding for the immediate start of the reconstruction of destroyed parts of Gaza including homes and vital infrastructure such as hospitals and service facilities. 

The UN Security Council on Monday passed the Resolution 2728 demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza for the holy month of Ramadan, the immediate and unconditional release of hostages and the urgent need to expand the flow of aid into Gaza. 

14 UNSC members voted in favor of the resolution with the US abstaining. 

The UNSC rejected a Russia-proposed amendment that would have called for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Kana'ani also described the reaction of the child-killing Zionist regime to this resolution as an indication of the regime's clear anger over its irreparable failure in the war and in the political and international arenas. 

He called on the UN Security Council to punish the Israeli regime for its crimes against Palestinians over the past six months.