Wednesday 27 March 2024 - 10:11

Colombia Threatens to Sever Ties with “Israel”

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Colombia Threatens to Sever Ties with “Israel”
The UN security council approved the resolution on Monday, urging for an instant halt to hostilities in Gaza during the holy month of Ramadan, which concludes in a fortnight.

On Tuesday, in a social media post Petro warned the Zionist entity to either end its genocide in Gaza or face severing of political ties with the South American country.

“If ‘Israel’ does not comply with the United Nations ceasefire resolution we will break diplomatic relations with ‘Israel’,” Petro said on a social media platform.

“Colombia does not support genocides,” he said in another post.

On Monday, in another released statement he commended the approval of the resolution and called upon other countries to sever their connections with “Israel” if it fails to halt its military aggression on Gaza.

“I invite the nations of the world to break diplomatic relations with ‘Israel’ if it breaks the ceasefire,” he said.

The “Israeli” entity has been committing severe acts of genocide and war crimes in the name of “protecting its people”.

Petro has repeatedly accused “Israeli” prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government of being genocidal and has compared it to the Nazi entity.