Wednesday 27 March 2024 - 23:39

Syria Condemns US Aggression in Deir Ez-Zur, Vows to Seek Justice

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Syria Condemns US Aggression in Deir Ez-Zur, Vows to Seek Justice
The ministry criticized the US for its perceived role as a self-appointed global police force, citing violations of international law and humanitarian principles.

"The US must end its illegitimate presence on Syrian soil and cease its overt support and financing of terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS or ISIL)," the ministry stated.

Syria called for international action to counter US aggression in the region and pledged to hold the perpetrators accountable under international law.

"We urge countries struggling for their sovereignty, freedom, and independence to condemn and reject this aggression, demanding an end to the US's illegal presence and its terrorist military operations," the statement read.

A military source in Syria reported that US airstrikes targeted several villages, towns, and military installations, resulting in the deaths of seven soldiers and one civilian. Additionally, 19 soldiers and 13 civilians were injured, and significant damage was inflicted on public and private property.

The United States has justified its airstrikes in Syria as part of its counterterrorism efforts. However, Damascus has repeatedly called on the United Nations to halt US attacks and its military presence in Syria.

The Syrian government has long accused Israel and its allies of supporting terrorist groups to sow chaos in the country since the onset of foreign-backed militancy in 2011.

US military forces and equipment are stationed in northeastern Syria, with the Pentagon claiming that the deployment aims to prevent Daesh from seizing oilfields in the area. However, Damascus contends that the deployment is a pretext for exploiting Syria's abundant resources.