Thursday 28 March 2024 - 13:34

“Israel” Admits: War Cabinet Lost the North

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“Israel” Admits: War Cabinet Lost the North
“As a ‘resident’ of the North, I feel that the cabinet has lost the North in every sense of the word,” Marom told Radio 103 on Thursday morning.

An expert in national security affairs and “Israel’s” northern arena, Marom claimed that the entity has been “in a war of attrition for six months, and it will not lead to any results.”

“We made a clear strategic error,” he warned, noting that “The political directive of the ‘Israeli’ army and the use of firepower did not succeed in pushing Hezbollah back and creating the conditions for the return of residents.”

In parallel, the colonel underlined that “Hezbollah is not paying sufficient prices for the decision to start the war. After six months, how is it that we have not destroyed the infrastructure there and it is still there?”

Marom further added that “There is a limited war of attrition here. The Kitchen cabinet and the war cabinet in general did not discuss the situation in the North in recent weeks. There is no longer a central effort by the ‘Israeli’ army in the south, and the threat in the North is greater. We must focus efforts and increase firepower, even if we are given an opportunity for diplomacy, as this will affect the negotiations.”

 “Six months have passed and there is no government that cares about the North, and the damage is greater than in the South. It is unimaginable; it is a complete disregard of the matter,” he said.

“The crisis and disagreements with the United States has repercussions on the arena, and certainly on the northern arena. The Americans do not want a regional war or a war in the North."

Marom believed that “‘Israel’ should have focused its efforts on the North weeks ago and increased the pace of attacks against Hezbollah along the contact line.”