Thursday 28 March 2024 - 13:34

WFP: Gaza Children Sleeping Hungry

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WFP: Gaza Children Sleeping Hungry
“Israel” continues to hinder aid deliveries to the region.

The WFP's Palestine Country Director Matthew Hollingworth said in a video filmed in Gaza on Tuesday that children were going to sleep hungry and exhausted.

Malnutrition among children is proceeding at a record pace, and one in three children below the age of two is now acutely malnourished or “wasted.”

“There is nowhere else in the world where so many people face imminent famine. Here in Gaza City, we're at the epicenter of the crisis, here in the Gaza strip. Today I've met so many people who are angry and tired and despairing because their children go to sleep every night hungry,” Hollingworth said.

He further stated that “The WFP has only managed to send 11 convoys with food to the north since the start of the year.”

The WFP official said food aid needed to flow massively into the besieged Palestinian territory immediately “if we're going to prevent famine, prevent further death, prevent wasting amongst children, prevent really the desperate situation that is already in place.”

“Some 70 percent of the population in northern Gaza is facing catastrophic hunger,” he added.